Thursday, August 5, 2010

Comical clown's mum

The best thing about being lively and funny is when you get your mum to share the same trait and situation with. Yes, my mum is as crazy as any of my friends. Of course, the severity is much more subtle but she can make most of my friends laugh. I believe my self proclaimed title - comical clown is a blessing inheritance from her.

Don't let her motherly look and act fool you. She is one nasty bitch and at many times, can be very angelic as well

What's to top it up? Mum is very supportive. In many occasions of my ramblings, often I get returned negativity and so forth but never with mum. In K's car today, after visiting his new office with mum ... and in the midst of me complaining about boss, stupid abroad colleagues, unethical activities and the amount of stress I faced ... I was naturally-quickly-chilled by mum's reply:

"Good also you complain, it helps you vent your frustration"

That was it. That's my weakness. Highlighting one ugly side of me (yes, my kungfu-princess-TVB dramatic ramblings) are not a pretty sight. The secret is to put it in a nice way and to top it up; sugarcoat the feedback but not diabetic-ally. The result, priceless. A better me.

Who doesn't like the best way words are framed to your ears, and comfortably to your heart rite?

It's not mother's day or her bday, but Mum ... DAMN I LOVE YOU!

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