Monday, August 9, 2010

The grey pant

The funny thing about being complimented is that it comes usually (at least for me), in a sudden from people who you used to notice but didn't bother to notice you. Confusing? Well, today in gym ... someone came by and said that I had a nice piece of working slack. A stranger ... absolutely cute, fit and gay. As I hoped for an extended conversation, dying from lack of affection - he just turned and continue to walk away. It wasn't my butt ... It was just the pants, only the pants.

The grey pant was tailored in Bangkok and obviously had more attention than I did. Sparrow mentioned I look very mature with the grey pants and with the Jim Thompson tie, which I absolutely find adorable - I look miles my age even with the new younger-look-crew-haircut! My staff stared at me and laughs, signaling that I looked different from my usual boring shirt and polo tee ... Cute? I am clueless ... it is definitely the pants

As I sit in Starbucks, sipping my Ice Latte and hoping that dinner comes quickly so I can abandon my report writing for my bosses, I cannot help but feel that I am dying to show that special someone the pants. Everytime a new fashion piece hits my wardrobe, I will have the huge tendency to share it with this particular person ... I do not know why but I am sure if my friends are staring into the same screen as I am writing this post, they will ask me to stop. My little voice says stop too ... and so I will.

Since the post started with the grey pant. A few point to remember while going to a tailor,

  1. Always do your research before entering. Know your materials, market price and also type of cuts on your finger tips
  2. Choose your material well ... and always rub it with your fingers to feel the texture and place it on your extensor arm muscle to see if it feels good
  3. Want a nice butt jutting out, tell them ... Tight is not always the key to attention, it is the fit and cut.
  4. Be sure to go back for fitting at least once for the perfect comfortable
  5. Go get something that probably you cannot find in the boutiques or streets
  6. Remind the tailor about pleated, length required and also how low waist you want your pants to be
There you go! Advise from a practical fashion freak. Hope it helps. If all else fails above, google for professional advise. Gotten some pics from my Thursday lunch with eagle and sparrow:

Thank you for treat! Tee Hee

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