Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have to say that REPOMEN is quite a good movie and has one of the best original story lines. Although at some point, it resembles The Island, staring Ewan and Scarlett J - REPOMEN has a darker, bloodier and more eccentric soundtrack to its plot. With gruesome scenes of cutting open fresh alive bodies, blood squirting and splashing on walls and a nice big bang on the head - be prepared to devour bloody scenes and skip your meal.

Jude Law plays Remy, a highly trained REPO guy who will extract your organs if you are late in financing your "mechanical organs". With the collapse of government, private company like The Union sells expensive organs to keep human alive. With a kaleidoscope eye that changes color, costing around $300,000 to a functional mechanical liver ranging from $700,000 - no wonder people land themselves in huge debts. We are talking US dollars. Of course, the great thing about mechanical organ is that you can fall down 3 storey and your mechanical knee can take the whole impact. Just need servicing after that.

Anyway, Jude Law looks awesome in this movie. His acting no doubt has vast improvements in action movies, the other thing to look out for is his body. Putting on mass, he now looks bigger in size, muscled in shirt and definitely more alluring! Haha

Well, that's not the point. Go watch the movie because it is worth every penny... Unless you are into fairy tale, this movie is very much real. The winners always win. BIG!

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