Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And so it is August

Suddenly, everything seem to speed up. My routine based life is so fast paced, I felt like I am working in Maxis again. The only bad thing is, that was about 5 years ago when I was young, energetic and naive. The today me is, old, temperamental and very calculative on my trade offs.

For example, I am trading off time for myself to study the thick chapters from Economics. Sitting through class for the past 5 weeks was a breeze and now I am cracking my heads trying to piece the theories, practices, keywords and case studies together. A birthday treat from my beloved Uni to me. This has been going on for the past few months, basically a schedule that formulates according to:

Work + MBA + Friends (occasionally) + Family (occasionally) + Me-time (rarely)

Work isn't as pleasant as well. Apparently my company have high listing of priorities but we definitely lack capacity and intelligent resources to execute the objectives. Highlighting the issue to the board of directors would not help as of now due to financial restrictions. I am not against the system but I think a slower pace can help de-stress and re-motivate the company human capital.

My staff are doing better compared to few months back, with better workflow, environment and of course some - a nice pay rise. But as a Manager ... I am sure the first sentence out of my performance appraisal would be "I am in regret that my performance as a manager is duly weak, unplanned and at times unappreciated due to the stress, environment and lack of strategic and organization system in the company"

Gosh ... I better zip it ... To much negativity at 12am

Time to go back to work, study, whatever you call them. Yea Yea Yeah - perseverance through hardship gets reward at the end rite? Why not you go become a fortune teller huh?

*Forgive me - negative externalities oozing out my conscious since I have no one to share my burden with

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