Saturday, July 31, 2010

Posting BKK ...

... alil later than when it should be posted. As always, busy is an understatement in my life. I had no other choice but to prioritize my assignment whose due date is today and also pending tasks from my work. And since things have quiet down, for at least the past night ... I am dedicated in getting some of the details from my previous BKK trip and also to end it with an awesome picture!

To begin with, I've learned a few important, or rather often used Thai phrases to get along with the Thais. I believe they are very useful especially when you are venturing the streets or bazaars, negotiating deals, picking up menus or even just to pass compliments. To share some;

Thank you - Khor Koon Ka(girl) Khor Koon Kap(male)
How much? - Nee Tao Rai
Ice Coffee, Ice Tea - Ca Yen, Ka Fei Yen
Chicken, Beef, Pork - Gai, Nua, Muu
Cannot - Mai Dai
Delicious - Aroi
Very very pretty - Sui Mak Mak

Ok, perhaps not the last phrase. Often mistaken as Thai and not knowing how to respond, I usually use that phrase. I know, silly and at times - very misleading - I tend to get smiles and often nods from the locals there. By the way, Thai looks really really gorgeous. Is it in their blood or the air they breath? If I were to be given a chance to look like one of them, it would be this guy:

Yeap! I am crazy. I took his photo from a local magazine and I came to know that he is a celebrity. Doesn't matter ... I just need some sort of reference if I am getting a cosmetic surgery treat in the future.

I promised myself that I should not only indulge in their shopping scene but also Buddhism and do a bit of heritage study. The Wat-Tri Mit (Golden Statue Buddha) at Chinatown is definitely a great place to start. Apparently the history was told that the solid gold coated statue disappeared and literally was found later due to transportation cracks after being misleaded that it was a generic clay statue. Since discovery, the statue has been a mystical symbol for the locals.

Another highlight of my trip was definitely at Jim Thompson. I am talking about his house, contribution to Thai Silk and also how the Thai is proud of this legacy they had. The most memorable guided tour at his previous resides was of course the preservation of Jim's collectibles; statues, drawings, paintings, ceramic decos, furniture and his home ... not to mentioned the lovely lady who was telling us fantastic stories through the visit.

The interesting piece at his home was definitely the Chinese instrument he used to create texture on his silks. Apparently the big piece of wood (painting alike) has smaller detachable pieces which you can use - like fish fin, scales, prawn skin ...

Of course, a little shopping at the Factory Outlet warehouse after that didn't hurt :P

Nevertheless, food in Thailand was superb. I am still trying to understand why their tea taste so different and often, when you order their local drinks ... they come in large cups. Unlike those here in Msia! I bought a few of those "cannot-get-in-malaysia" foods from 7 eleven. For starters; Mew - rum raisin milk, Black sesame seed soy milk and also Lays with pork flavouring. SEDAP GILER!


The only let-down so far from my trip was the tailored made suit which did not fit me perfectly well. To me, it does not even compliment my figure. No body shape and being trendy is so important to me ... I don't think I will ever wear the suit until it is fixed and I prefer the Tailor to fix it himself as I have a pending grey suit I would like him to piece as well. Reason to go BKK again?

Enough said about BKK. Let's end the post with a nice picture of a big fan of Elvis and deng, we had fun singing our hearts out at Redbox during her bday!

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