Monday, May 3, 2010

The power of contacts

I love looking at the time now. It's been so long since I last owned a watch. My last watch was back in Melbourne and by accident, owning a Fossil. Yeap, high price to pay when you are in another country (especially one with higher exchange rate) and I so need to get the watch, fearing that the collection is not in Malaysia. That story aside,

Today.... I got myself a very good bargain. Not only the bargain was good. The watch I bought was marvelous, stunning and awesomely beautiful. Been to a few stores, and they all do not have it. The more it was out of stock, the more I anticipate trying it on.

After seeing it in the catalog and searching high-low for it, I finally found it sitting at Cortina @ Starhill! I love it and my disturbing wrist always have a bad way with watches but with this one, it sits like an ANGEL on Madonna's Rock! The salesman was also very patient and friendly despite the way I was dress. One word : simple.

Mr Watch was with me and he was so attentive in explaining the pros of getting the watch. ALL the details was properly transcend to me, from technical specs, aesthetic specs, financial benefits, brand quality, industry presence, acknowledgments of ownership and so much more. Although most of the time, my mind was only focusing on bonding with the watch via all my senses, touch, feel, sight, hearing the ticks (except actually tasting it) ...

The moment the price was mentioned, and how Mr Watch's connection and good contact-point with Cortina, they reduced the retail price and a further deduction was given for a good omen ("feng shui reasons") for beginners like me ... I said "I'll have it"

Mr Watch snickered, pat on my shoulder and said, welcome to the world of premium watches. For an entry level, that is a very good start at your age.

It's not something big, definitely not one of those "hard-to-pronounce" watch brands... but the Tissot I gotten, is good enough for me to drool in my sleep tonight. Time to slash another item off my wish list ... yahoo wee!

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