Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ms Pretentious Bitch Bday

I am bored at class. We are talking about human resource and how it relates to operation management. It is quite interesting because apparently, operation management is like a huge-detailed-summary of business, consisting HR, Finance, Marketing and you know whatever that you can relate to a business department...

So, I've decided to stay awake by blogging about celebrating Ms Pretentious Bitch's birthday two nights ago. Asked Ms. White and Ms. Green out but as usual, they are always tied up with either work, church or love life. Fortunately Ms Purple tag along and made the outing a lot funnier, exciting and of course, the bits of drama that exploded was hillarious.

We were at Canteen @ PJ Trade Center (weird name, but beautiful building!!!) and moved onto desserts at TGIF.

Birthday Girl ... She look damn nice in this picture.

Me and my stare. Love the desserts thou!

Two of my favourite pictures:


Thursday night. Cannot believe I spent the night chatting away with them. Hmm. Yeap, post-dated post.

Back to studies. Listening to lecturer, writing notes, analyzing practical-theories and relating it to case studies could be very tiring for straight 6 hours in a row. The 30minutes break doesn't work. I really hope we will get classes that have more group discussions, group debates and perhaps some scene of cat fight to spice things up.

Lemongrassboy believe he will be watching TV series when it comes to Business Law unit.

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