Saturday, May 8, 2010

Old Town Review, Summit

Chances are worth giving. I had ban Old Town on my visit list for the past years, due to quality control and price hike in their small, limited and diluted drinks. Today, I had no other choice but to walk in one of their franchise, to be exact Summit. I was shocked to see it packed with humans at 11am! Since I need to quickly go online and Starbucks Summit is no longer operating, I decided to hop in the store. To my surprise, their quality had improvements. Their food are no longer distasteful and their drinks quite "kow" and "ori". Although the sweetness is still quite high, but I rather have some taste than just diluted ice in my coffee. So I guess, its worth to try again once a while. Old Town has my confident back and will consider visiting their outlets if I am in a good mood. Haha

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