Thursday, May 6, 2010

Careful, fragile post here

It's so hard to please everyone. Lately, after drowning myself in work and studies, only able to return to bed late, like today, has caused me something dearly. I believe I've lost a professional point of view at work and got a loud thud from my boss. Although it is in the form on an email, sent late at night ... the only missing factor about feeling bad, is how "loud" actually the "word of caution" was from my boss.

In simple words, I was told not to be nossy and was in no position to comment on an actual problem at work. Sigh, I guess I am just an empty vessel manager afterall. Even with constructive commentaries, suggestions and repeatably hammering myself at work did not do any good. The fact that my boss did not openly sound me was only because he is a Caucasian and that is not the way he worked. Emails best!

Well, I guess I am just a nobody. Abandonment, relinquishing of voice to concern and suggest, home pollutions, pessimism tolled, repeated high frequency of clumsy trails and getting stuck in my studies had broken me into pieces... I am up to my nose, barely breathing and beginning to feel a nervous breakdown.

Shall keep my mouth shut and just let the world around me go spinning around. I don't think anyone cares anyway.

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  1. Methinks he wants you to talk it over with him, I mean the problem/s. I'm sure he'll value your feedback on one to one basis. Good luck!