Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dream oh Dream ... a Freaky one!

Was briefly woken up a while ago by this nightmare where I broke my own neck by falling off from a flight of stairs, then was crippled and locked in this huge, dark and mysterious mansion. It was so scary and I remember begging and screaming for help, directing all my tears to my mum. I do not know why, but I forced myself to wake up and I could feel myself drowning between the visions and my own bed.

I struggled to get myself awake and when I did, a huge surge of headache came. It was painful all right but my heart beat was racing. In sweat and watery eyes, I reminded myself that it was only a dream. Write it down quickly ... so here I am

Damn ...

The dream felt real. Very real, I remember the details so vividly that I can definitely turn my dream into a movie set. Probably with some storyline like Misery and bag an award or two for it. But why? Why did the dream came in such weird timing and with so much vision in it? The ironic thing is that mum is not even home at this hour ...

Is it some kind of sign? Some kind of premonition? Perhaps a long lost past that found its' way to my dream? Gosh, I am so superstitious ... sometimes I wish I had better dreams, like a 6 number kinda thinge...

And now I am afraid to sleep

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