Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I think I belong to Yellow.

It has been a pleasant day. After being crippled for the last 2 days, walking as if I gotten a stroke and recovering from muscle pain was the best thing that happened. I was more productive and walking wasn't as painful. Then having dinner and dessert with Mr. Watch, hearing him talk about Buddhism made things better. Life's all good ... all well and worth living through the hardship. The pain subsided ... but ...

What hurts me the most is watching this on youtube

I have chosen not to care about the foolishness of modern society and ignorance of people who act without consciousness but merely on ego, situational factors and pride. Good move by burning down one of the most memorable places I went to mend my broken heart - *sarcastically said!

Shame to all those who think their momentarily acts and cultures are to be compared to kings and deeds. Nothing in the world can explain destruction, tears, trauma and death that you have caused. To those dolphin killers, war starters, suicidal bombers, destructive rioters, propaganda spreaders and brainless people ... I pray that you either be born with a functional brain the next life, or born as the victim of your foolish acts.

Long live the City of smiles and your wonderful king!

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