Sunday, May 23, 2010

Donating Blood

Back in Op Management class after my first experience in donating blood. Had my arm punctured and donated a whole bag of blood in a temple. LOL. Actually I had this planned a long time ago and only managed to get this done lately. The process is actually quite easy! Just to share some of my experience:

1. Eat before your donation
2. Do not take any medications for the past 24 hours
3. Have a good nice sleep
4. Drink plenty of fluids
5. Make sure you know what you are doing
6. People who exercise regularly will have almost no effect after donating blood
7. Remember to relax, breath and pump your arm to fasten the flood transfer (just joking)

Me trying to look chill and cool before the needle poking

Quite alot of people ... should be good and fun

Needle poking time! Painless thanks to experienced nurses

Am proud that many people donated blood.

Keep'em pumping and it doesn't look that complicated afterall

Chair's much more comfortable too compared to those in MBA classes

In less than 10 min, it's done ... and I got my blood passport a nice stamp. Haha

There's only 1 dilemma I faced when filling my form. I lied about a clause that obviously discriminate sexual preferences, sex activities and so forth. Honestly, my objective is only to donate blood. Since the blood we donated is going to get "rounds" of testing (as disclaimer states in the donation form), go ahead and reject mine after that and not based on some preliminary judgmental requirements. I seriously think that statement should be permanently removed. As if anyone cares.

Thou shall not subject and conform to human standards and expectations that will hinder the act of saving lives.

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