Saturday, May 15, 2010


Exam in 13 hours time. Hmm... I am a bit anxious because I did not really study, I am sensing a bad flu coming and also a bad headache. I begin to think that I am jinx everytime I have exam. Or maybe I am just stressed up, but honestly ... I am not stress about my upcoming exam. So I really do not know why ...

Deep down inside, I hope I get good grades for this unit's exam because I was off to a good start, where my team assignment have scored very well. It would utterly silly to have flung my exam and not get at least a Distinction...

Please please make sure I don't make silly mistakes like miscalculation and all.

1 comment:

  1. You are just having a phobia about exams!
    Relax, think and use positive words to yourself.
    You can do it! You are prepared for it! You will pass with flying colours! You are the best!
    Believe in yourself and what you can do!
    You are what you think you are!
    All the best!