Sunday, April 18, 2010

Perfecto = MX345 and clubbing!

This bunch of friends are definitely keepers. Mr Ng and Caffeine Sunbear with me ... testing my stupid camera phone. Being a photographer, I dare say that this camera phone is absolutely rubbish *with the England slang*

Well, it was a fun-filled weekend. A balance of study, work and hanging out with friends. Met new ones, kept old ones, disposed a few ones and catch-up with long lost ones. Got to packed up for gym soon, and probably kick Caffeine Sunbear out of my house, since we have been "IT"ing the whole day at my place. What to do, PC Fair ma! Reason to get new gadgets for my small home :P

I shall promote this machine I just spent on. The 4-in-1 wonder printer cum scanner cum copier cum faxer ... the Canon MX357, that comes in built-in wifi, pendrive reader and all the wonderful things you can have in a printer.

The only missing thing is a touch screen, but for rm470 ... cannot complain la

I absolutely love the machine, I hardly say this ... but deng, it is a bulk beauty sitting at the back of my living room. Since it is hooked on to my network, everyone can print! With no hassle on the wires! Now, when are these bunch of geniuses going to invent wireless power cable?

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