Monday, April 26, 2010

My desolative exertion weekend

I would like to thank Caffeine Sunbear and Mr. Ng for their great company again this weekend. Nope, no more clubbing but we were at Coffee Bean, Taipan. I was rushing my assignment and they were around to company me, reminded me to continue my struggles and constantly supporting me. I feel honored. For those who had sent their regards on tweeter, a big huge-hug to you all too!

I fell sick earlier today and after popping pills to fight the pain, I manage to get up in the evening after a 3 hour heavy nap and begin rummaging through HEAPS of Excel Sheet Datas. All the analysis on CPO, the significance variables, share units, prospects, moneymarkets, Rsquared figures and a whole long-listed financial data jargon has nearly send me to ICU. Having a headache and back-pain from yesterday's sleep didn't helped a bit. Having to skip gym and know that I am not putting on mass but putting on stress on statistic didn't helped either. Having blockage in writing my assignment, not knowing where to start and how to end sent me off the cliff. I begin to feel the pinch... begin to feel like a loser ...

World starts crumbling down?

Although it is a-bit hard nowadays to brave through the storm, I keep telling myself that I can do it. If the missing pieces are meant to be, and calls are unanswered - then you have no choice but to strive to be better. I have learn to adapt, through thick or thin. Breath a little, cry a little less, whine lesser and just keep your chin up.

Just keep swimming?

I kept falling ... In between writing and analyzing, I grew anxiety. I always had someone that I can quickly share my difficulties and suddenly, it seems so far reach. 大哥 remarked that his invincible brother is finally falling? Truth to certain degree ....

Of course, the boys know that I am still hungry for comfort, for a pillar to rely on and definitely for companionship. And so, they took me to eat my favourite pork dish and continuously poke me with their Grindr finds, hoping to strike a smile on my face. After dinner, the two sleepy head had coffee with me, aiming to get me perked-up to finish my assignment. To-date, I am 80% done and with a brief visit to the library tomorrow after work, before gym, I am sure I can complete the assignment. This is what best friends are for ... and for that, I am glad that I am still human at the end of today.

How about tomorrow? Hmmm .....

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