Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Import Blog!

OH MI GAWD. I imported like 300+ post from my previous blogs to this one, but I did not publish them yet. I've briefly went through them and it is so embarrassing to read the spelling errors and silly sentence structure mistakes I made. I mean, I still make them on this blog ... but I believe much lesser compared to last time. Thanks to reading books and of course, writing ... What to do, I am not a born talented writer!

Will post them up one by one, as soon as I do some minor amendments on their tags and title. Don't wanna mess em up. So for now, I am going to sleep ... hopefully can have the same dream as last night.

Time to stop the iTunes and jump to bed. Current song playing, and one that I rate 4 star : Kelly Clarkson "If No One Will Listen"

Good song. Go listen!


  1. Nice write up on your earlier post.

    Just dropping by due to the Tiger Blogfest 2010, learning about Tiger and people.

    Rgds and all the best.

  2. d'enricher : oh! shucks* blushing already. thanks for dropping by :-)

  3. 300 posts! Why you shifting blog anyway?

    Take it slow. One day at a time would be a good start. Better late than never, yes? Happy shifting!