Friday, April 16, 2010

Ms. Punky Brewster

Its been so long since I chated with Ms. Punky Brewster. Usual, she is either busy ... or superbly busy and I only end up saying hi to her offline MSN status. But today, she spent the whole hour (or hours) chatting with me while at work. A true friend indeed. Sometimes, it makes me wonder ... how come someone who only met me once, spend only 4 days with me on the beach trip and miles away could work magic into our friendship, compared to those who are only a drive away, in the same country and have a local number. SHAME ON YOU

*Strikes a lightning bolt pose*

Well, I guess the imperfection in human and individual expectations created that problem. And me being imperfect and have expectations ... it's unavoidable to have me judging now.

So, I was chatting with Ms Punk Brewster and she was giving me these list of advises, some are very interesting. I plan to follow some of it to see if it really works. You know, create a null hypothesis and use statistic to proof life it to work. Haha. All is well ... until

The sky started crying. Gosh, do you know that right in front of me is a flat white view of the fall. It's so moody to see how the clouds are pouring tons of water, blurring the scenery with droplets of water and ironically, Ms Punky Brewster just asked me to do that. Unfortunately, I am numb to it ... due to the whole lots of work, stress and my outlook reminder ringing me the pending work that I either dismiss or snooze!

Urgh... I hate working life. I hate juggling life actually. Why can't I be married and just live my life with not much regrets except dealing with the occasional self-conflict to impulse shopping. Starting to imagine that I should take a chance of being Paris BFF. Hmmm ... I definitely can take-down some of the candidates in her reality show. Ok, I am not making any sense now ...

Better go back to work

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