Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bonia @ Pav 2010

I have to blog about this. I mean, a promise to Mr Ng. Thank you for getting me out last weekend - I did have a blast at the Bonia fashion event. Although I am not a fan at all, it was fun to be at the VIP seat with one of the best view on the catwalk! Any fashion catwalk is fun for me anyway ...

We were testing Mr Ng's new camera - the point-and-shoot Panasonic GF1 with this pancake lens thinge. Yeap, somehow my interest in DSLR camera began to rock ... Deng, this camera is fast and fun to shoot! I want it!

shot at the depth of 2.0 ... not bad eh!

I love that dress ... the one of the right

Love the reflection on the catwalk - very waterlike

Quite fun to have attended the fashion show. Then, I got an SMS from a few friends, went and searched for today's evening edition paper and after a few hours, I stared straight into the paper and couldn't believe how ugly I looked! Sigh ... Blame it on the photographers! BLAME IT ON THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NOT PROPERLY DIRECTING THE POSES...

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