Tuesday, April 13, 2010

25 things about me!

Hmmm... I remember that Ms Green Cum asked me last week to write 25 things about myself and explain them. Gosh. Believe me, I did write and when I came to no.10 ... I was so tired to think and do it. The point to write them with positive connotation attaching to each point to me is absurd! I thrive on being pessimistic. ANYWAY ... Today, she asked me about it and gosh, it drove me up the wall when I brush it off my shoulder

so ... I decided to briefly list them, yeap ... the keyword is "list" and do a nice creative twist to the idea! I hope that will do la ...

  1. I am a big fan of comic, mutants to be exact. X-Men! Wish I could fry someone with my imaginative electro balls
  2. Been trying to get a more meatier body. Personal trainer in gym helped but my arm still looked like lotus roots. Something I despise alot
  3. I got merits for being a script writer, art director but suck at talent scouting, acting and so. Those are part and parcel of my Uni life
  4. I would be convicted for attempt of murder on killing rude, impolite drivers
  5. I would be convicted for insanity, sent to the asylum for bumper-to-bumper traffic crawl
  6. Songs determine how I feel, how I should react and how I transform myself to a dancer. Side note, I am a bad singer but I love mandarin songs. Sad songs keeps me sane!
  7. In priority, my hair, my eyes and my comical grin ... my body is next...
  8. I tend to know which store is at which part of the shopping mall, which road to use in the city and how to get to an unfamiliar place by following my directional instinct. Direction whiz?
  9. Prefer tea over coffee, chocolates over donuts, mangoes over strawberries, dogs over cats, fish over birds as pets, and chinese desserts over western's
  10. Fast sleeper ... I doze off quickly
  11. Weak stomach is my most well-known trait
  12. Clumsy is my middle-name
  13. I would die without pork! I love pork noodle ... good ones!
  14. I have all the power rangers color for polo tees. They even come in different shades
  15. Me likey accessories; watches, necklace, bags, shoes, pouches, wrist bands, chokers, rings, shades, spectacles, anklets and etc.
  16. Formula for the perfect date; intelligent + funny + successful + compatible + chatable + caring + can hang out with my family + love pets + romantic + all-rounder - Crocs owner = perfect = non-existing?
  17. I have a high tendency to ignore ugly or stupid people. I am sorry, think Maybelline tagline
  18. I am a sucker for ice-cream ... any ice-creams
  19. If I am a dog, I would most likely be a golden retriever ... NOT! ... Jack Russell, Jack Russell...
  20. Given a chance to remove one thing in the world, I would remove hot weather ...
  21. My best friend thinks I am still a baby and my close friends thinks I will always be one
  22. I prefer cooked food over raw food ... but Jap is kewl. Thai salad is kewl too.
  23. I am a Cam Whore ... I love posing for the camera. One of those people ... yeah *wink* pose pose
  24. Last two! I am bad with IT, gadget and cars. Not that of a reliable guy right? which come to my final point
  25. I am gay ... homosexually gay. Yeap! I like man who is older than me, taller than me, bigger than me, richer than me, smarter than me and preferably cuter than me! Haha

What a way to come out ~

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