Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Shift of a storm, to risk it all"

... Alicia Keys

The radio is playing her songs, but I am sure not a lot of people notice her with all the current hype on dance tracks spinning no.1 on radios. Anyway, I can't find her video on youtube and being a noob and absolutely a dummy at internet technologies (beginning to see myself as an old-fashioned lecturer who discontinued from virtual technologies) ... I can only embed this song, hopefully one that you guys have heard...

Yeap, it's Alicia Key's latest album. The sound in this album is very different compared to the rest. I have all her albums, so this is one I would highly recommend compared to the previous, As I am (released back in 2007) and this is by far is one of my favourite song in the current album; The Element of Freedom ... Doesn't mean anything

and ... Try sleeping with a broken heart

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