Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Ah Foo now blog my hobby

My name is Ah Foo. I know my young master dislike cockroaches ... so I kill them a plenty for young master, so he never will kick me out and rub me nice at the head. I like barking at strangers too.

When I am puppy, I boring at night and don't want to wake young master, old master, mummy, big sister and small sister, I have hobby to kill bug. I hate them. I eat the flying one cos they fast. But the big one like cockroach is hobby to kill them.

I also never like cockroach. I see neighbour cat usually kill them by smacking them with paw. So I did to them same. They usually die faster if I bite. They taste yucky, so I never eat. I prefer IAMS lamb biscuit that young master hardly buy. Young master want me eat chicken more.

I kill many now. Record is 4 per night. If I sell cockroach dead body, I ah foo can appear in Fortune Doggy as Billionaire.

Doggie proof from my i-dogpone's camera on different nights.

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