Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bye Bye July, Hello September

Hello August!

Damn, time flies man. Come to think of it, it been a month since mum and I got the shocking call about dad's accident. It's been a month since me and K chilled, temporary parted and physically detached (we're back anyway!). It's been a month since I gotten every single information and MBA files to decide which Uni to go to. It's been a month since I started working my ass off ... and perhaps those are the few solid reasons why time flies.

With a great plans coming up in August, a few job interviews scheduled, a few new friends introduced, a few more gym training to go to, a few creative projects to execute, a few hundred pictures to upload and keyword ... I am quite sure September will be lurking just around the corner.

One thing I regret with all the work and schedules going around is the fact that I am missing out (or I may put it, MISSED) some of the most anticipated summer blockbusters at the cinema, namely ...

Transformer 2, Angel and Demons, Obsessed, Harry Porter & HBPrince, The Proposal, Ice Age 3, Terminator Salvation and I will so hate myself for missing GI JOE.

Hmmm ...

Well, if anyone here would like to date me for a movie, please do ask. Haha. I am sure I will learn to make time if someone pop the invitation. Anyway, going to finish my book and listen to Maroon 5 bang their music. Wonderful way to end a productive week ...ushering the new month.


1 comment:

  1. boy.. u missed all d movies????
    u r that bz... sigh...
    if u wanna belanja me watching harry porter, i can go again one... hahaahaha... :D

    well... BEP's song is not bad too...
    boom boom boom... and etc...