Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Production Notes at SanFranCoffee @ KLCC

I just realize that I always begin my post with something dramatic, either by expression or by subject matter. So for my readers today, or any other day, I am just gonna say ... I am tired. Physically drained. One of the main reason my passion for film making died is because of this - fatigue. My brain would not process and my body will not respond when I am tired. It's not the job, it's the constant feeling of trying to get the work done, efficiently, thoroughly, professionally and to top it all up, with style.

Eva and I, along with our hired CameraMan - John have endure possibly the most slow, unchallenging and mundane production. I definitely do not mean the current video project I am producing is easy, but it is rather ... erm ...

Sigh, SEE! I can't even get my vocabs right. Its the 2 day shooting, 1 day running around and the whole past week of partying ... I am SERIOUSLY looking forward for my vacation in Redang. Hopefully it would be good.

Gosh, I am so tired ... Need to keep my eyes opened! Shooting is still going on ... and we are only resting (or rather waiting) for tonight shoot. Hopefully Eva can say the magic word then.

In conclusion, although this is tiring ... this is a paying job and with that comes money. With money, I am going to survive a few more months ... Gosh, that's so melancholic ... Gonna skip that and spend the break time talking to Eva, sharing secrets and gossips! Maybe window shop a bit...

Gosh I missed shopping ... Hmm ... maybe thats a bad idea

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