Monday, August 24, 2009

Claire's Bday

Eh Sudah mula puasa? CEPATNYA masa berlalu ... sekelip mata, satu tahun berlalu bagaikan angin bertiup.

The alarm went off about 930am and I was suppose to get up, clear my todo list and start planning my next course of action. I did not, and only manage to crawl out bed 2 hours later. My body was aching from the shock training from gym yesterday. Way the go Nizam! You are sure one hell a trainer.

As soon as I was awake, I quickly turned on my itunes. It is so me. Cannot live without music. Played Ning Baizura and decided to post another blated post. Claire's Bday at Little Korea, Solaris Mont Kiara. Not an expensive place to dine in. Since I am a Korean food enthusiast, or all time favourite ... I would recommend this place.

The Bday girl

She totally can blend with the wallpaper

Ok la ... going to continue my work. To all my friends, readers or relatives, if any ... selamat berpuasa ... dan selamat berbuka puasa jugak!

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  1. alamak... miss u all laaa.... bila mau jumpa lagi... huhu....