Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday Night, Family?

I can't recall when was the last time I spent my Saturday night with family. You guys must have think I am a jerk, but I am still staying with my parents and sisters under one roof in a small house. We see each other almost every single day, and when it comes to Friday evening, usually I am out with my friends ... till Sunday night. Ya, I bunk in here are there and treat my own room like a hotel, as how dad used to put it. That's the past tense anyway. I treasure sleeping at home nowadays.

Well, today my sisters were being obvious and cynically teasing me with full sarcasm for spending time with them during lunch, dinner and supper, being at home and all. Everyone was in the mood for teh tarik around 1030pm and next thing we know, all of us were laughing, eating and catching up at Pelita. Dad treated! We talked about our family pet, dad's current recovery status, my education-cum-part time plan, education policy, politics where the subject was short-lived, and also planning a family trip in August.

The one thing that hit me immediately was this better be a short trip! AUGUST? Seem like a full motnh for me.

I won't deny the fact that I was a bit on the lonely side earlier in the evening when my ipod's calender have no plans for the coming evening. I was feeling weird and think that a saturday should be spent with friends. Then, sis and mum took the opportunity and turn things around for me. They quickly kinda invited me for dinner and supper. I am glad I spent some quality time with mum and dad and my sisters. They are the best!

So, the next time you think about going out with your friends after a hectic week at work and all your contacts are tied up, try going out with your family. I am sure they look forward in spending time with you.

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