Monday, August 10, 2009

Quickie Bday Post

A special thank you to all my friends who celebrated my birthday. It was an awesome week, and with a string of celebration since Wed night - I am so happy to finally be 24! NOT!

A big hug to my mum for planning the family dinner, 二哥 (Jimmy Bro!) who planned my seafood dinner with the gym gang and also my close friends, to Kenny for the wonderful dinner at Porto Romano and the great experience staying at Shang, to my best-ED girl friends ... Eva and Grace for the singing marathon at Red Box, and Dr. Kok for the lovely Korean Dinner. Just some pictures to illustrate my memorable 24 birthday ... One of the best, IN YEARS!

Thanks for the dinner bro!


Hmm ... will ask Kenny for the pictures and upload later... Back to work

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