Sunday, August 23, 2009

Redang 2009

As I sit on my chair waiting to pour my wonderful experience in Redang, I just realise that I spent the past 20minutes looking through the 1.8G pictures taken from last week trip and how backdated I am to blog about it! I am quite sure many have seen the pictures, news and etc on Facebook. So I am going to do something else than just posting up pictures, I am going to try and pour my thoughts into writing this post.

The fun thing about going on trips, even though they might be boring and that you are emotionally wrecked is you have a bunch of wacky friends that are constantly gossiping, pillow-talking, posing to camera, what I call "syiok sendiri" and entertaining - It helps keep your mind off negative things. My trip was simply fun (at times) because of that. Being the clown of the group, it was nice to see everyone laugh at my dorkiness, bubbly-dirty jokes and also my "drag-like" natural poses. I wish I wasn't like that, but well ...

All of us ... Clockwise from top left - Nick, Jimmy, Lee, Edward, Nilson, Wick, Vivian, Joanne, Girlie, Sara, (sitting) Nat, Dr Kok, Anthony, Ethan ... Hmmm ... Next pic, with me (sitting second from left)... Wee (most top) and Kiddo (most right)

Wonderboys? Or Powerrangers? from left ... Nilson, Wick, Jimmy (Er Ge), Edward, Ethan

There were about 17 of us, all ready to do all sort of things at Laguna. After waking up at 4am, taking the ride to LCCT, then a plane, a bus, a ferry and clocking in about 11pm to reach the resort ... we headed straight to the buffet lunch, throw on our sun tan lotion and head towards the beach. As soon as Dr Kok joined us, we were up and ready for some warm-up yoga poses and headed straight to the sea. Of course, with a boat ferrying us to CK Bay - our first snorkelling location with plenty full fishes, corals and a whole lot of sun.

Dr Kok = Yoga!

Ethan, Nat and Er Ge

Me with Lee, Er Ge and Nat

Of course, most of us also took the opportunity to have our underwater picture taken. Happened second day at Marina Bay! Here are some of those that I absolutely love ... except mine ...

Nilson with the aquaman pose...

Edward with the flying eagle goddess pose ...

Me ...

Then there are the solo-wannabe models, or rather ... already a model! Haha


Bikine Lee!



Everyone knows how beautiful unexplored or new destinations are. Redang is one of these treasures that I pray hard the Malaysia Government will keep. I hope that both locals and international visitors will appreciate the beauty and do their best to keep it "natural". Keep the plastic and bags away from the opague lime-like waters. Keep the corals, rocks and sand where they belong. And definitely, keep your rubbish to yourselves when snorkelling! The beauty of swimming in a navy blue sea, turquoise ocean and with plentyful of marine fishes is wonderful.

Me and Nat before diving into the splendid warm sea

Me and Lee, the best babe with gorgeous boobs!

Wacko Family - Sara, Ethan, Me, Jimmy (ErGe), Anthony (TaGe)

Dr Kok and Sara


In summary, we did most of what a group of close friends would do on a beach trip. Eating, buffet-ing, snacking, talking, joking, gossiping, singing, dancing, acting, impersonating, snorkelling, diving, sun tanning, sun burning, banana boating, swimming, soaking, lazing, sleeping, volley balling, pillow-talking, makeup-ing, reading and most important, entertaining!


I certainly hope to keep all the great friends I made through this trip. Thanks Jimmy for organizing such a wonderful trip that involve peeps from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Australia and Malaysia ... bye bye Redang for now ...

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