Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gracious! It's Friday?

Friday has always been like a weekend for me. Waking up late, doing things that are not really productive, procrastinating work, planning night outings, and even if I get to go home early, I will choose not to. You can call it the luxury for a freelancer. Same goes for the Friday that just passed. I did everything as mentioned above, except that this time around ... I did them without any guilt. Usually I will fell sober and melancholic over my unproductive supposedly-working day ... but today, NOT A SINGLE GUILT. Empty feeling. It seems to wandered around my head ... then pop, its gone. I am getting used to unproductive days.

Matilah macam ni! Macam mana nak cari duit. No motivation, No push, No self-disipline, No guilt! I am starting to worry. So here I am at my desk, 2 am ... scavenging on any leftovers of Friday - editing picture while I am blogging!

Friday rambles aside ... I wanted to write about bad malaysian drivers but figure that most of the readers would already know it. I also wanted to write about the police force crowding the streets during this festive season, but also I figure you guys would already know about that. Then, I wanted to write about how dangerous, inconsiderate and vengeful certain females drivers are but I think most people would already know about this too. Then, I wanted to warn drivers about the stories I heard from Kenny in regards to attempt hijacks on cars done by Indian drivers in a group, but I really do not want to spark of any racial tensions and I concluded that even though I did not want to talk about them ... I did afterall ... silly rite ...

Well ... back to work! Gosh, I so want another Friday. Can reverse time ka? I promise this time around I won't slack, procrastinate or play PS2 ...

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