Friday, March 31, 2006

33 Ireland St

It's really great because I am living with friends. Grace and Eva has been quite patient with me. I am really noisy, spoiled, playful, not serious, lazy, healthy-living (disallowing them to eat instant noodle for dinner - grace should have more comments on that :P), rather picky on cleanliness and literaltly save alot. So, I spend less on certain stuff. Unlike Grace and Eva - I hardly buy chips, snacks and other utensils. Let's put that aside. I am blogging today because I've just created a sub-blog. It belongs to Grace, Me and Eva. If you didn't notice - Eva and Grace both gave up blogging. So ... I created this blog called 33 Ireland Street - where we are living at the moment; and the blog caters to all our pillow-talk topics.

It's quite amazing. We have talked about marriage, divorce, families, fertility decline, sex, sexuality, judgemental people, friends and some other interesting topic which I think would be quite nice to share with you guys. Of course, we most likely will talk about those topics again in the future. It's quite a different point of view from all three of us - different individuals and different upbringing. We always kind of have disagreement - but that is only within the pillow talk. The blog content will of course be written by all 3 of us. So you get an opinion from different view.

Well ... the blog address is at my link somewhere on the right ... but don't aspect constant updates. If we have pillow talk then there will be new post ... or whenever the girls wanna blog ...

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