Wednesday, March 15, 2006

As promised

After hours of editing pictures, I am proudly to present you the pictures we've taken since the day we arrive ... I hope you guys are ready for it ... This will be a long picture post.

In the plane, walking around town and took pictures near some beautiful apartment
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The CBD, Yarra River, Federation Square and StPaul Church
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Some backlane, Chinatown, Myers, David Jones
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Vic Market, Bourke St, Flinder Station
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and some pictures we took randomly everywhere ...
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Treasury garden - we tried kissing JF Kennedy. Look at his expression! HAHAHA
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Fitzroy's Garden
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Picnic Concert @ Fitzroy's
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Enough of the city ... Let me present you our home;

Our room was quite empty - equipped, funished but not decorated
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Our House, Living room, Kitchen
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My room and my bike - Silverhawk (Kmart replaced my bike)
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The food I cooked previously ... Lamb ribs, Tomyam and etc ...
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Phew ... There are more ... but i guess that would be enough today. Hahaha...


  1. Can take some photos of those hunky auzzies with speedo tan?


  2. waaaaaah
    your house looks so nice!
    and your food!
    your hair like that now nice


  3. i have no idea how you guys find the strength to edit, post and publish your pictures

  4. hey, nice house, nice pics~~ after waiting so long, finally...but i wonders...
    R u sure u cook thsoe food?? look like order from restaurant la~ ha..

  5. woww..when you come back, must cook for us too!! the lamb looks so good..yums. Where did you learn to cook like that?

  6. So much I want to say, but I'll leave it for the phone hehe.

    Though I think Leo the Lion looks so totally cute on your pillow, and man I envy that fella for being in Melb and not me instead...hmmpth!

    More pics!


  7. Nice pics :)

    Some of your pics brings fond memories to me!

  8. shine - I Haven't explore that part of Aussie yet ... will do soon

    simon - Yeah, it's a comfy place. I need to search for a hair stylist to do my hair ... at the moment; I am still searching. Any suggestions? The strength comes from the spirit of I want my blog to look nice! haha

    vynn-may - nope ... I didn't cook the food. I downloaded the pic from google image *andrewkin rolls his eyes" hahaha

    evelin - I shall try my best. You provide me with the kitchen facility, food resources, spices and a set of beautiful dining cutleries - then ok!

    ken - Then comon over and join us! nyek nyek nyek

    yw[2k] - Thanks! Fond memories? You were in Australia before??? dear - Can i have your blog address? wanna add you into my link

    hcpen - Thank you ... glad you like it :)

  9. the food resources, spices..should be okay lah..but the kitchen and 'beautiful' dining cutleries might prove to be a problem.I renting a room lar..
    hey, check out my multiply site->
    MIss you Lots..and oh, I saw a girl who looks like you..*gasps* serious. You have any sisters?