Wednesday, March 8, 2006

My date for Oscars

Oscars is here again! Firstly, I am so proud of Ang Lee's BB Mountain and of course to all the other winners as well. Reese finally got her Oscar. I would be such a funny thing to think about. Reese, Oscar Best Actress , previous famous Blonde Girl and Blonde Girl 2. But, Halle Berry did Catwoman as well. So no fuss

I did a game on on whose my date gonna be for the oscar; and the result is;

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I wish!


just for the fun, I tried being a girl; and this is my date

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Hehe ... I rike ...


  1. hey dearie...remember me? Evelin from FF..just dropping by to say hi.didn't know you went to Ozzie..tak cakap pun..sigh..anyway, take care ya

  2. misses u... especially when we had jenny's surprise bedday... by the way, my new blog..

  3. bad bad bad premonition,
    it says that you like Bitch (Zeta) and Uncle (Hanky)


  4. well ...

    bitchy uncle, that pretty much describes the guy.



  5. Oh no,
    Horror Horror Horror
    That's you then, Ken aka Bitchy Uncle!!!

    Oppps, tongue slipped!



  6. dee - hahaa ... ok ma, he's a good actor anyway (better than RCrow)

    lynn - ok la. Prefer Jude Law! haha

    evie - Ah! I miss u! Hug* I told u ma, i am going to AUS soon. I did ... I think *hehe

    Leonara - BEDDAY? BED? OH MY GOSH! you all gang bang without me?

    Shine - haha. Zeta is not a bitch and Tom is not as old but bitchy uncle is allright ... better than bitch aunty who talks bout ppl *andrewkin winks at shine :P

    Ken - Uncle? haha at least you dont look like uncle la ... not like some ppl who looks old when they are young at age :P