Thursday, March 30, 2006

Back to Jazz

I have been listening to Jazz. It's been some time but I think most people do not know... I think Kenny finds it abit weird. He called a few times; and most times I was listening to; Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, George Benson and yada yada yada. Anyhow; he says it was like calling a Jazz pub. Hahaha .. .quite flattering ... but somehow I felt old

I started to ask Eva and Grace some question

A : Eva, am I old?
E : What ???
G : Zzzzz
A : Yah ... I mean, listening to these kinda song ...
E : Excuse me! What do you MEAN by these kinda song??? *diva tone*
A : No la! That's not what I meant! I meant ... listening to classical Jazz
E : I listen to classic Jazz
A : You are different ... I mean, you were taught to listen to it
E : Yah ... So?
A : I was taught to listen to Britney and Christina and Mariah and ...
E : Your parents are into those kinda pop?
G : ZZZzzzzZzZzZZZzzzzz

*andrewkin rolls eyes*
A : No! I mean I grew up listening to those kind of music
E : I listen to them too ... but what's wrong with Jazz
A : I am just saying, do you think it's weird for me to like this genre?
E : What's so weird about liking it?
A : Like you know ... it's just not me ...
E : But you said you like Jazz
A : Yah ...

G : ZZzzzzZZzzz
E : You listen to it since some time ago right?
A : Yah ... but do you think it suits me?
E : I am not getting you ...
A : Forget it ... Am I old?
G : No la! Can you just shut up and enjoy Frank Sinatra
E : Yah ... Shut up and listen to him
A : ....

See what happen when you ask blondes and bimbos a simple question ... I think I am living with people who is born in the wrong era ...


  1. Geeee, How I love Billie Holiday.
    She didn't have a good voice like Ella or Whitney, but her phrasing and the way she emotionalize those lines were simply amazing.

    My favourite Billie's numbers:
    1)What a little moonlight can do


  2. er...who's the blonde and bimbo here? should be you right...ask this kind of question. apara.

  3. really asked for that one *grins*

  4. hahaaa, can imagine how grace n eva react...
    if u dun satidfied with their answers....then ok lo, i tell u..
    tt, u are old!!

    kam muan liao..? **nyiak aa aa**

  5. shine - I like Billie Hol too, but I prefer Ella ... hahaha

    lynn - Look whos talking! remember we were from the "SAME" gang! hahaha

    damaris - That goes for you too, denial ***** - remember??? LOL

    aysh - Yah! I need to save cash for it thou ... don't wanna end up listening without a drink - worst, without transport to travel home with!

    vynn-may - So you agree I old la? ... *DIE*

  6. no issue with the jazz thing really.
    in fact i'm happy you are into that, so we dont have to argue when we get any CDs in the future hehe.

    It's still Stacey Kent for me, of course for classical, it'd definitely be ella.


  7. didi...hehe...I guess you're just over sensitive. Liking some kind of genre doesn't mean you're old or not, it's just a matter of personal music preferance.

    I like oldies. so you think I'm old? hehe

    er jie (first time eh...)

  8. ken : yeah! we can share CDssss

    erjie : OMIGAWD! *andrewkin crying liao .... erjie erjie *hugs ~so the drama la me! haha but yeah ~ *hugs