Monday, March 6, 2006

Adult @ Bridge Road

Bridge road again ... Shopping is fun! Grace was @ service on sunday morning. Eva and Andrewkin was bored to hell at home. We made some plans, informed Grace about the plans and ended up at Bridge Road again. This time, Eva and I did a long walk from the end of Bridge Rd to the beginning

We went to a place that sells quilt covers and bed sheets but the price was quite expensive. Eva didn't manage to get what she want so we left and headed to the head of the rd. We passed many cafes and restaurants. The cafes and restaurants are wonderful! The designs are so beautiful and classy and some were breath-taking; Usually the concept is open (no walls boundaries or such) and people dining are showing off their cute dogs and expensive handbags, eating away under umbrellas on the street - so the Milan and France! Foods are big in portion and the people dining are just simply spectacular - usually cute and very pretty!

Then, somehow or rather, me and Eva ended up in an Adult Shop that sells; practically SM items; mostly for girls. Don't get any wild ideas - we did nothing but browse through, smiled and learned a few things or two ... nothing dirty or erotica in particular. They were selling "those" costumes; milkmaid, army, moulin rouge, leather wears, army suits, nurses, french maid and many other men's-most-wild-fantasies! Most of them were like a complete set from head to toe - hat, cap, glasses, belt, shoes, heels, boots to even accessories! YES ACCESORIES - like; whips; short ones and long ones, masks, avant-garde linguries, cuffs; both the wild with stripes and furry like those scrunchy; and other sex toys. Think sexy and sensual ...

Then we went into a room that sells ... DILDOs and Books. Most of the dildos has names. White Pearl is about 6-7inch long, with a see-thru materials and has pearls in it priced at $108 with vibration mode, rotation mode, water resistant and with light. *andrewkin giggles

Next on the list was Yellow somethin Banana. Small and nothing interesting. Cheap but no fun for sure unless you have a really small cave.

No3 caught my attention. Blue Mirage. $25. 5-6inch long with vibration only. Not bad ...

No4 was something that appeared on TV before - Sex and The City season 1; something rabbit ... go check :P

No5,6,7,8 went on and on and on and on. It was like a complete collection for dildo whores!

Of course the books comes in 2 types; 1 - Erotic types and 2 - Artistic types. Either way; all category has nude pics of all sorts ... including men, homosexuals, women and whatever your mind can think off. Eva and I wanted to get the Karma Sutra book; which illustrate (get the term right) and tells you every position with details, what to do, what you feel and etc ... and it's only at $21. Ah ~~~~

After that, nothing special happened compared to the Adult Shop we just went to. Yeah we went shopping around; bought some cheap clothes then went to Box Hill and met Grace; and continued to stock up some groceries. Nothing really interesting except for the Adult Shop we went to. Amazingly, Grace is interested in paying a visit. We are so taking her there ...

The next time we are there, damage to our wallet will be done ....


  1. The rotation mode for the dildo certainly redefines the meaning of "getting screwed"...

  2. the name's BeeMarch 7, 2006 at 1:04 PM

    woohoo i just saw the rabbit episode! i wonder if it really does work miracles like they say.

    ohh.. dildos arent very expensive eh. thats good!

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