Thursday, March 2, 2006

Kenny says;

"Hows class?"

Class was fun. It's very different here. Everything is sistematic, punctual and educational. I am not saying that back in Limkokwing it's not; but in LUCT - lectures tend to be boring and when that happens, you either doze off or just look interested but in actual fact you are just day-dreaming looking as if you are concentrating ( I do that most of the time )

Here, there is alot of interaction and competition. Thus, you just gotta pay attention. Up point - classes are short and sweet. Lectures and Tutorials are only about an hour each. Although so, my sociology tutor told me that; the allocated time for face to face teaching might be short but alot of online work, research and self-education need to be done. In simple terms; if you are a natural hard-working researcher and avid analytical reader; you most likely will score a distinction.

I am so far the only Asian Chinese around classes. Of course that exclude sociology class because there are like at least 300-500 students for that unit. There is a total of of 11 tutorials that are all packed and full. So can you imagine how many people are there in the class. We occupied the one of the largest lecture halls you can find in Deakin.

I need to blog about one class in particular that might interest some of you guys. I enrolled in a unit called; RepresentingMen : Masculinities and Men. Everything in that unit is about men. You learned about men (LIKE DUH!) and their respective topic; cars, sports, media, image, ego, war and what interest me the most is actually; the subject of men and their bodies ... and Queer Masculinities. I read the 1st reader article about it; Men and car culture.

According to that text, men treat their car like women. The speed, The adrenaline rush when you accelerates, the fun when you "drive" a car (where cars are potrayed as WOMEN) and everything else quite heterosexual. YUP. The word they used is HETEROSEXUAL MEN and Cars. Well; that is so un-true. I bet there are HOMOsexuals that like cars too *wink wink* you know who you are! hehe

But yah that class gives me a nudge. As soon as I entered; the girls outwit the guys in number and the gays outwit the straights in number (that includes the lecturer). Am so looking forward for tutorials ... hahaha ... might want to read up more ... just in case; you all know la how bad I am with knowledge about men :P

Well, enough of class.

Friends has been asking me for pictures. I am so sorry that those "pictures" are only available once I get B/Band. I don't wanna bring my pendrive around uploading pics into websites and updating them in school. I promise there shall be a gallery ... muahahaha ... or at least a link to those galleries! muahahaha

Patience ya ...

PS - Deakin offers a whole major in Gender Studies (where you learn about women)
Anyone Interested???


  1. I reckon Gender Studies is the only class I'll ever pay attention. I wonder why they dont have it in our school syllabus.

    I mean seriously, how many of us actually need to know how to use a tabung uji and penunu bunsen?

    Get real!
    We need to know how to deal with Men! (ermm..people..)


  2. hmm, ur classes sound interesting ooo~~

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