Saturday, April 1, 2006

Baby Boi for Ju

Congratulation Kak Ju! I am so happy for her. Juwita had safely delivered her baby boy at 12.something - according to Kenny le. Hehehe ... can't wait to see her pictures! I hope she post it up somewhere or at least let someone send me the cute lil boy picture! I AM SO EXCITED. I dunno why ... but it's not like it's my baby - but it's just exciting! AHHH ... I wish I was in KL but even if I am ... I am very sure Leo, Jenny and Kak Ju will not let me near the baby. hehehe. You know how noisy, clumsy, playful and "influential" I am ... hahahaha ... Wouldnt want the baby to get the wrong teachings from me ... nyek nyek nyek

Anyway ... I am so happy for Juwita. Still remember the times she allow me to feel the baby kicking before I left for Australia! Agh .... so nice so nice! It's so amazing"! Awesome !!! ... and now the baby boy is already out to exprience the world! So nice so nice! Too bad I missed the hospital visiting session! Sigh ... Hope Kak Ju is fine, healthy and happy :-)

On the positive side, by the time I go back next year, Ju's baby boy will be close to 1 years old ... YEAH! Can attend his birthday partie ... Another reason to go shopping! Shall get him the baby adidas shoe! Then, I bet Jimmy will get him a Hermes leather bag to bring to school !!! Hmmpth! So nice so nice! I can't wait to go back now ... hehehe ...

I want a baby boy too!


  1. hi
    i am wondering whether u had lunch at Hungry Jacks today with a female friend(sun)? i think i saw u cos i have read ur blog for awhile now and u often put up pics..u were wearing a black jacket, with a gold ring in the middle finger? i was just walking by and noticed u looked kinda familiar...u seemed to have been bck from grocery shopping...what a coincidence!

  2. Yeah... I felt the baby kick once when I was at FF Axis.... Amazing feeling!

  3. dun b sad coz u cudn b here... i got one news for you that will make u happy.... the baby boy... again, the baby "BOY"... was covered with a PINK blanket at the hospital!!!

  4. hcpen - yup ... that was me! lol - the world is so small ... why didnt you say hi or something ... who are you actually? maybe i could remember who that walked pass ...

    yw2k - hi colin ... yeah! tat's amazing! i love the feeling ... hehe; added you to my link!

    leo - serious! WOW! now that makes me happy ... u sure are ... u know ... no switching or so

  5. wow, small world....u wouldn't rem me cos u didn't even look at me...i started reading since ur penang trip post way bck last yr until now u r in melbourne...hehe..nice to see u r enjoying melb..

  6. Hehehe... Yeah the feeling is amazing! :D But my blog main link is at :D

    I so wanna go to Melbourne!

  7. bring me bring me....