Friday, March 24, 2006

My NEW room

Friday afternoon. The weather is about 31C. Still nothing compared to Malaysia's weather but it's considered hot here. The sun is striking its might ... almost burning anyone that goes out the house without sunblock. Grace and Eva are at college. I am at home listening to Buble. They woke up early. I woke up quite late today. Slept at about 5am for 8 hours. Was reading John Grisham and constantly thinking how are all my buddies doing back in Malaysia. Is everyone happy? Is everyone all right? Is everyone healthy?

Anyway - I redecorated my room. I had no choice. I am such a whore for feng-shui and not to mentioned I am not satisfied with my previous room - both the design & ambience.

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1 - I am studying at the wrong direction (feng shui).
2 - I hate sleeping - always end up sleeping on the couch
3 - My books cannot be fitted into the rack. The pigeon-hole is too small
4 - Everything was everywhere
5 - I am just not comfortable with it - simple ...

Then, I asked Grace to help me move my stuff around. She offered me her cupboard because it was bigger, taller and I can put my stuff in it. Since She hasn't got much stuff with her and I had more, we agreed to change our racks. So, I thank her for her courtesy and moved the small rack into her room and move her bigger ones into mine (that doesn't sound quite right *andrewkin laugh)

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I called mum, asked for her advice and found out that I was sleeping and studying at the wrong direction. So, I moved my study table and bed around to accomodate to the feng-shui, mum told me to follow. With the help of our MELWAY, we managed to locate the direction. The move was ... messy

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The difference?
1 - I am facing and sleeping on the right direction
2 - I get ambience lighting - I RIKE !!!
3 - My books finally sits and fit nicely into the rack
4 - More space to roam around
5 - I love the room ... for now *hehe

After almost 2 hours of pondering, cleaning, re-decorating and banging of cupboards; I finally settle down and begin to love my room. Eva loved my new room. She practically jump onto my bed, asked me to close my door and she wanted to just sleep. She was happy! Grace was happy! I was happy!

I know I am such a drama-princess


  1. That IKEA carpet! It's everywhere!

  2. We've heard about it, now how about some pictures! Before and after revamp? I'm sure it's cool :P

  3. Where exactly is the window? I couldn't see one?


  4. sleep oso must follow feng shui aaaa... hmmm... i tink my feng shui is everywhere, coz i really can sleep anywhere, anytime... he he... oh, pls drop by Jimmy's blog, got da Nikerockstar pic with me having the hedgehog kinda looking hair... I RIKE!!

  5. aysh : yours is not a walking closet la!

    quik : well it was about $5, bought it for 2nd hand - now it's in the living room

    alvin : thanks thanks

    vini : there are pictures ... you didnt see em?

    shine : the window is next to the table. see a brown curtain; that is the window

    leo : hahaha ... i saw the pictures! you guys and girls alwayz the rockin! I rike your top!%#@%^^ so moulin rouge~

  6. i'm late! sorry..just got back from BKK.

    I looooovvee your room. memang ada sense of taste.

    make sure no poison arrow ok?



  7. ur room looks lovely.... and ur pix.... aaaaahhhhhhhh