Monday, November 28, 2011

JB update

I shall promise a detail update w proper pictures later. Since my arrival yesterday I have been so busy, running up and around to get furniture and electronics. To be honest, I am getting some basics for now and it has cost nearly 8K... Oh my

I have my family to thank for it. Mum and dad has been so supportive in moral, financial and actually enjoy the process of moving me out from my home in Subang to Johor! It sorta helped me feel fit in...

There are also a few great souls I would like to extend my thanks too, including baby sister ariel, uncle boon hwa, uncle and aunt boon keong, brother joe wong, and mr yeo!

Will update more later. For now, tweet reads

"Home shower heater installed, fridge, washing machine, oven, rice cooker running, air-cond installing... Vono bed on their way :-)"


  1. holly molly all the way to JB!!! Better becareful when you loathe around city of crimes.

  2. tempus ... interesting you said that, actually crime rates has been reduced tremendously. just FYI

  3. seriously? I was freakishly shocked when I read of 3 consecutive crime news in JB last month when I flipped through the china press. Well, hopefully it declines over the years, then clinical years in JB shouldn't be a headache after that.