Friday, November 25, 2011

Road less taken

The same idea happened in different intervals in life brings different meaning. Just like when you string the guitars at different time of life, the music and tone that you creates reflect different moods and growth.

There were rejection, there were abduction. There were ups, high, lows, and hidden tears. There were anger, disappointment, resentment and then there were joys, laughs, smiles and contentment. Scaring and then bandaging. Support, advise and brushing off the best and worst. Imagination, intuition, experiences and sharing. Exploration, learning, education and teaching. Then there were quiet moments, awkward moments, intriguing moments, painful moments.

When you had it all, and still took the road less taken. You build a wonderful non-committable yet securing relationship, whether it is in the form of soul mates or friends ... it is unconditional love you bestowed on to the other.

As the days come nearer for me to advance south, there were plunges so deep, so depth and so wide some will not understand. By distancing myself, I was able to focus better. Prioritize better. Worry less. Stress less. The usual ignorance had me craving for food to feed to hungry and tired soul. I needed some company, someone strong and someone that can magically appear without me asking, someone who had no reservations, someone who will take in the pain and still shower me with great attention (what!? i am leo ok ... and i need it!) ... someone who can just accomodate to my shit and still not judge, affect my decision or so. SO COMPLEX RITE?

A common name rang. I was reluctant to pick up, but I choose the road less taken. Pick up. It was a call I never regret. The same call I gotten at the time of need when I was in Singapore last year while I was bed ridden ill in April 2010 (or was it May 2010?) that he miraculously lifted me up when I thought I was dying. I had that same call today. Right time, right place

I am proud to have this friend of mine, who had appeared by accident and by being "muka tebal". A friend that logically wouldn't be friends due to many incidental requirements. A friend by faith, had turned into something sour and sweet. He was around when I had to crunch theories for economic classes, he helped added points and marks for my accounting review on financial report, he taught me to be realistic, optimistic and always pushing me for better growth. He made life look so simple, so daring and yet so complicated in certain sense. Company me to travel and learn, and to many importance ...

I had my blood donation habit thanks to him and was a better buddhist thanks to his books. Impressed me with his determination and persistency. Awed me with his love commitment and how swiftly he ended it to exit pain and hurt. Turn me on with his smart ethical strategy in business dealings. Bored me with his routine. Made me rolled eyes with his traditional (or he would say old-fashioned thoughts). We are different, so different but never really apart. We never judge or expect

One things for sure, I am still me and he never doubted to be a great mentor, friend, brother-uncle-dad (he probably gonna kill me but ya, just a joke) and a shoulder-cum-ear-cum-mouth supporting me through without qualms, expectations in any return or so. Mr Watch, I will remember the days you helped me through so much, stand by me and still deal with my immature childish tantrums.

Specially dedicate this post to you, since you become such a good boy for treating me to pork bacon and lamb slice steamboat :-) even though you don't eat after 8pm! Must taken a lot of courage to down the food at 10pm ... Road less taken huh?

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