Friday, November 25, 2011

Sweetness in Photography

That's the title dedicated to my friends who had spent Friday dinner w me today!

Testing the new blogger application and wow ness this is so fun! Now I can blog wherever whenever... Even in jam. I love iPhone and love apple for making this possible, also google la for launching this app.

So here I am sitting in Mont Kiara, Pizza Brava w my bunch of love muffins. A bunch of girl friends that were connected to my life randomly and unexpectedly turned companion for eternity. That's how we view of friendship, although so different each of us are in terms of lifestyle and expectations, we can always sit at the same table and love each other unexpectedly and unconditionally

I really am so sappy with this farewell or moving south. Love you all girls really ... Please don't forget me ya! Muax


  1. Oh girl friends! Haha my bunch of them are getting so busy these days and going out is on appointment-basis. Together we are totally just 38.