Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Least expected

So the past few weeks have been quite interesting. I mean, since when my life hasn't been interesting right? Except for the occasional spending time alone in the room or just lazing in the bed for hours after I awake ... I must say that the last 2 weeks particularly had been quite a ride. This post had all the least expected things happening ...

I am not sure I want to tell the details of every bit but I still want to break it out to few of my loyal readers. Especially those overseas.


To be honest, I have been trying to go out on dates and putting myself out in the market. It is not like I am desperate to find a partner but it seems like if I do not try, I will never find? That kinda thinge. So, I let my walls down (pants too occasionally :P) and I am stuck somewhere between not my type, attached or not interested. Knocking on all the wrong doors, I was even more determined. Leo trait they say. As I plunge deeper and deeper into the "marketing campaign" titled date me please. I suddenly just gave up. No more I say. The mind was conditioning the fact that with my quality and looks, I will never find anyone. I am not dating or boyfriend material. So I literally gave up dating or meeting people in the love department after months of trying to move on and going out spontaneously.

While I sack the entire attachment to this department, out of no where three great, awesome, fantastic loveable people had confess their intention of an early potential relationship. Both the honor and thrill, I am sorry but I shun love at the moment. So, the approaches came at the wrong time. Least expected. Dont ask me why...


I got offered a job where the company has a huge portfolio and progression growth. Although I was very sure at the start it was just going to be an interview practice ... it has gone a long way, vertically and horizontally ending at my footstep an offer letter

I never got offered by an MNC. I never doubted my ability and education background but my work experience and apparently job specialization has never attracted any interviews from MNCs. Imagine that I literally had 98% rejection from all the positions I have applied. It is either I am writing my resume the wrong way, or I have misspelled my public marketing to pubic marketing.

It was the same resume, and I did my best in the interviews. When they called to tell me that the position went to someone more experience, a part of me was not surprised and I was literally expecting it due to precedent. Then when the director told me that they still want me on board as an assistant manager instead with the same benefit and package ... it was definitely a least expected offered.


With the yes going to the MNC, I then find myself a crossroad. So I have agreed onto a job that requires me to relocate into a ground of lifestyle more different than KL. Before I signed the offer letter, which I politely held for more than a month ... I literally did all the research, online onground on-the-move whatever you call them on the lifestyle and city itself. I am definitely going to downgrade my lifestyle and live more modestly ... because the city itself, the locals called it town.

Yeap, I am officially announcing this on my blog ... I am relocating, moving away from the city. Least expected coming from a boy who love the city life. That said, I want to thank all my friends who had been supportive, coming out on the tight time line of my leftover time in the city. You guys and girls had been by food and soul for my toughest dark times and i hope you will do too


My city friends are actually making time to visit me in that boring town! Some of them actually marked my calender and acknowledge permission to visit. Now that's a shock! Least expected. I am expecting two friends next month already and one pending whether she will drop by or not???? Hmm I may just take back what I said about the testing friendship ... But shocking thou!! To me at least ...

That aside, I think I made more friends this month than ever. I didnt know why, but staying low profile and quiet has it perks. After my HCM trip, a lot of friends had been buzzing me. Asked for drinks, for business advises, for love consultation, for a shoulder to cry on, for plain fun and even for cooking advise! So that's good I guess, but when I got a friend who resurrected from death ... thats freaking least expected (or maybe I was just dramatic)


I don't know where this is suppose to go but I also bought a house ... erm ... within 15minutes of viewing the place. VERY least expected. Pa Ma (papa mama) bank was with me, so I had their consent and approval before putting my leg into the mouse trap called commitment. With my recent green light from the lawyer and bank loan, I certainly hope there is not problem to own this place. I actually kinda like the adrenaline ... lol

Now just have to shop for furniture and electronics. But when dad has a close friend who covers dealership for electronics and mum for furniture ... I didn't know mum and dad is so cool, so I am getting stuffs for a good (hopefully great) discounts too ... HAHA ... least expected ...

I wonder whats next ... marriage? Now that would be ... LOL ... nevermind


  1. wow...busy life!!!
    anyway,where are u moving to?

  2. Lol. Marriage eh? Well like they say, serendipity comes by itself, pushing it too hard might just really cause a backfire, no matter in what ways.

    Geez relocating? Sounds like demo-promo-tion. Deported much???!!!

    Oh well, as long as it's fun in another city, why not? Definitely beats the fact that I'm in dormitory system now, but enjoying it though~

  3. Samz : Moving south, johor

    Tempus : Haha, well it is a new job so nope - not deportation. I picked the job anyway

  4. LOL!!!then take care yourself and find the one you love at johor!xDDD
    please update often!!!