Thursday, December 1, 2011

Johor update - Day 5

Ok so i promised a detail post. I am so sorry for the delayed reply and from the look of my schedule for work in the next few weeks, I doubt the time I have to actually post and write something here. Honestly speaking, I do not plan to install any wifi or internet back home too. Refering to JB home of course.

To dedicate this post to the people had made my move possibly the most fun and stress free ever!

So let me quickly update my last 4 days in JB. For the first time in my life, I felt proud to be my mum and dad's son. This is because I literally had them helping me to clean the whole entire place before really staying in. I appreciate every single bit of detail they had put into furnishing and equipping the house for my basic survival from electronics, stocking up the fridge to even ensuring hygiene standards are on par with living comfortably. Even my lil sister did a fantastic job helping around. Seriously, without them - I would not have gotten the best of my move. They're like angels from the sky I tell you!

For bringing my parents around for food, introducing me to the eateries and most importantly helping me to network with very important people in JB, like the electronic shop owners ... modern contemporary furniture manufacturer and of course teaching me two important words that I will forever carry in my life "感恩" which means appreciation. I honestly can't wait to meet him for drinks again once he is back from his business trip to catch up and discover life in JB!

MR YEO & Agent J
For ensuring the house was cleaned before we moved in. Left every bit of the house intact and live-able instantly (move in condition) after so many years. I indirectly owe the agent a huge favor too for introducing such a great and wonderful seller (currently landlord).

MR WATCH, MK & James
MWatch for every single bit of mentoring and reminder that he has showered me through out. Looking forward to showing you around this weekend. MK and James for calling me on alternate days. You guys are the best and I know very well that our friendship will last. I miss you guys lots and thank you so much for keeping me company through phone :-) ... Also would like to thank all my other friends who had keep in touch, it really meant a lot to me that you guys remember my first day at work, my move and concern about my whereabouts. I still feel like a small boy with you guys

Sappy thank you aside, my first day at Legoland was thrillingly fun. There are huge expectations and pressure but everyone here practices working with a smile. Something ironically hardly happened in such fast-paced, high demanding organization. Apparently, Merlin (who own darn a lot of theme parks and still acquiring others) is one of the best place to work. Lucky me I must say. So with my early reporting to work, briefing and introductory to the team, I fit in nicely at a corner with my immediate manager overseeing my computer screen. Apparently I am the first boy in the marketing and sales team and some how, I felt great because I kinda click off with the current senior and founding team. Better not count my eggs before it hatches

So what i did either than playing lego and just asking for work (cos my PC isn't quite functioning right yet) ... is attending meeting and after that had my entire month caught up in work! For now, I had to help oversee as much marketing and sales activities as possible. Time for pics!

Me on first day of job ... with my lego name tag! haha

close up of my cute name tag! love it

got my blackberry too ... company phone

spent my morning playing with lego, instruction from my manager

day5 - reporting to work ...

my block apartment ... where i am living now

apartment pic - kitchen

living room

living room

bedroom ...

attempt to cook after so long ...

salute the guy who installed my aircond, if he slips ... thats death

day 2 - cam whoring after i seen the doctor
super delicious vinegar pork noodle

local delicacies, not for the faint hearted or non-pork lover ....

Thats about it. For now, I am going to have dinner at home. Bread w peanut butter and milk. Cos I bought them and they may not last that long thanks to expiry date.

Caoz ...

PS - Do I look cute in my name tag? LOL


  1. haha the world can be that small. My mum's company is actually dealing with lego-land's fire equipments!

  2. OH yes you do look cute with the name tag. :)

    And can I say I'm green with envy that you're working with Legoland! Seriously love Lego. Rekindled my love after a bunch of friends jokingly bought me a set a year back. Guess what, I've built a town myself.