Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Graduate finally!

It has been raining and raining and raining. The pour is so scary and sudden sometimes. I always wonder that this is the best season to don a burberry trenchcoat and boots out. It would be so glam! But well, it is still not practical. So instead of that, I took out my water proof jacket and met the boys to plan for our upcoming trip.

It is amazing how time flies. I still remember the times all three of us sat at cafe talking about where to go, what to do and how we are going to be like the best of friends forever. Honestly, our friendship had grew so much but soon, it may be put to test. This trip would mark our first step.

That said, I am also quite happy on a few occasion. One is that I finally graduate from my MBA course. YAHOO! With my final result out yesterday while I was planning my first investment, or commitment to per say ... I had to treat myself. I mean, come on ... I was quite a far and was not exactly with any vicinity of a friend to celebrate with, so I bought myself ice-cream ... and vain-fully took a picture of myself to show you guys ...

Of course while meeting the boys earlier tonight, I blackmailed them (in a fun way) to get me cakes and drinks before announcing the good news to them. Lol ... no wonder lil pixie call me the drama one. Just a post-grad course finale but I have to blow it out of portion. What to do? Happy ma!

I cannot help but feel a sense of achievement. I mean, after CRASH COURSE and literally almost crashing myself in between MBA and life for the two years, to-top it all considering to take a bold step for my career and not to mention the fact that I had inspired some very important people in the past months had made me feel that I am beginning to get my life back together, seriously like BACK TOGETHER. About time right?

The recent consideration and support in my next first step of actually owning an asset way before my intended time frame, will also mark another milestone in my ever so complex life. I seriously hope and wish that I am (or will be?) making the right decision. For once, my dad and I actually had proper conversations and sharing of thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Even mum was surprisingly smiling at both of us. I think the last time daddy and son both seriously talked was back in school when I was deciding to do science or arts in year 2000. Definitely a decade figure has passed.

Looking forward now, I will be so packed up till 10th. Don't even want to know what is up after the 10th ... So much to do, so little time. Raise your glass eh!

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