Monday, November 21, 2011

Tin Tin the movie

This is quite a belated post but in my mind, after two days of watching the movie with my bunch of buddies ... the animation depth and quality, story line, character build up and action-comedy-packed 2 hours of cinematic experience were none other than extremely exhilirating!!!

You know you will not be let down if the entire production team (especially the producers!) who encompases Steven Spielberg's extraordinary talent for making banging bucks movies. It is none other than :

It was by chance, or rather accidental that we decided to watch this movie. Our main choice was the heavily publisized Puss in Boots but the timing was quite off. So, the entire gang settled in for a belgian based comic character turned into animated movie.

Seriously, this is a must watch movie. Although not as "touchy" or "raw wildly-connected" as Avatar, I actually think the details of the animation is highly acclaimable. Standing ovation to the details put into the entire creation of surreality. Every rain drop, flowing hair, textile details on the clothes, sunlight effect is carefully created. To top it all, the investigative and thrill starts 5minutes into the movie and never really ended until the credit roll.

But one thing I notice different in this movie is that the anticipation, expectation as well as audience gauge meter boundaries is pushed. You find yourself, especially your eye ... following a particular plot or story only to quickly disctracted by another one intruding but related to the previous plot. I know ... one word ... Question mark! Just to make it simple, it seem that there is two situations happening on the same time that demands the same attention on one screen ... In some sense, two story working its' way. Very interesting indeed

I guess I will leave you to watch it yourself. Honestly, I really like the movie. And the dog. snowy too ... but I don't think I will be trying to copy TinTin's hairstyle which looks a bit like the hairstyle that grown-up baby jack jack from Pixar's Mr Incredible will have.

Impressive animation. Go watch!

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