Thursday, November 10, 2011

HoChiMinh Vietnam 2011

I am sure I've started with this line before. Amazing how time flies! Just about the same time a week ago, I was packing at this hour ... ready to meet my quota for traveling and also achieve my resolution of visiting different country in my travel plan. The destination marked was HoChiMinh, Vietnam ... with my two best buddies. So, let the pictures do the talking then ...

Starting the journey. Not our first pic, but first together in the plane

Picked up by our driver. Cannot believe my buddies wore red (mickey brand somemore!) and didnt inform me ... psstt!

One of the sights I remember seeing, is that lots of chinese temple visible on the street

Arriving at our first two night accommodation ... I called it the Beverly Loft of HoChiMinh, Fideco compound @ district 2

Then we went for lunch at this very nice restaurant. Viet food all the way

James looking at macaroons. Also attempted to order, first language barrier ... communication breakdown

And then come the food. Salads

Attempting macro shot from my camera ... not bad for indoor shot eh?

Then came more food. rolls, greens, all healthy stuff

After lunch, we went cam whoring around the city center

Love the Opera house which showcase two woman lifting the ever grand balcony with the tits showering artistry flare. Sisters I think.

Love this picture, the shadow and all ... doesn't feel like we are in HCM

The cathedral ... yeap, we are still in Saigon

The post office, where MK attempt a motion jump shot

Attempt of artistry montage. I think fail because the photographer is different at each shot

The reunification palace, did not enter since we were told it was very boring

So we ended up cam whoring at a nearby local coffee joint - Highland Coffee till dinner time

Dinner we had more roll, MK trying to use the rice paper as a mask instead of roll

I prefer to roll, pose and down the rice paper. Had more shots of food, but figure it will bore you guys. So we skip all of those ya

Second day was outdoor trip day. We skipped Mekong delta since it was raining and opt for a day tour around tourist spots

Our first stop was to visit a handicapped center where victims of war were handicrafting souvenirs.

Look at this lady slowly piecing egg shells onto a huge plate that resemble a Picasso painting!

Our main stop for the day was actually the headquarter of Vietnamese during the war ... ChuChi Tunnel (pronounced as Gucci Tunnel!) ... rest assured, dont have any luxury boutique underground. MK and James hearing the briefing and propaganda video - COMMUNISM!

MK at a bomb site, huge crater ... resemble a pond

Underground hiding spot for the Viet when they were attacked. Notice how small is the hole!!!

MK really going deep down inside.

Even james can fit!!!

One of the tunnel into the underground headquarters. It looks like some python snake nest. But apparently the tunnel goes down to a few level (4 levels) and at the third and fourth level, even a huge bomb landing on the surface will not hurt them. Scary

One of the booby traps, spikes underneath ... the land practically opens up and drop soldiers to their death. There are many types of these designed to crippled the Americans. Apparently worked very well. You need to be there to see it, SCARY TWO!

One of the tanks, original spot where it was disarmed by a landmine.

Then I spent about RM50 firing a real AK47 ... It was damn nice, but if I were a soldier there. I would be deaf, then shot dead because my aim was bad. But how come my scores in Playstation was good????

MK with our gun instructor. James busy playing with his Iphone at the background, macam la ada signal

Then we explored the underground tunnel. Took many pictures, but it was all the same ... small, enclosed and pretty much solid. It was so difficult to move in the enclosed area, but our guide literally sprint in this tunnel. I salute him

Now you know why he sprint so quickly, short legs. But you gotta give it to him man! He can move so swiftly in the tunnels.

Our tour guide Anna who did an awesome job! If you ever tour HCM, please contact her ... she gives good rates for tour and all. Buzz me if you need her service

We had a light lunch-aka-war time style. Just pandan jasmine tea with tapioca potato dipped in crushed peanut and salt. Local delicacy that is superbly delicious. or maybe we were just hungry

Then we had a group portrait with the guerrilla team who happened to think we were the most likeable tourist ever

On our way out, we saw bomb shells displayed like pots. It is crazy how huge they look back in those days! Scary 3

Cam whoring to say bye bye to the tunnels

Paddy fields, nice sight

Back in the city, we went for the famous lunch ... first Pho (pronounced as FUR) in HCM

Very delicious!

Then it was to the war museum for a real feel and touch on the war vehicles and all

I love how my Brietling cap fits into the whole ambience and feel.

Those who played command and conquer will enjoy this place. Most of the artifacts here were on the game play! LOOK TURRET?! haha

Bomb displays. There are also very graphical photos in the museum which I did not took picture of. Even if I did, I wouldn't show it here. You gotta experience yourself. It was very depressing and sad. Just be prepared to see human slaughtered, butchered, remaining of body parts, tears, post war individuals and chemical war victims ... deformed bodies, babies and lots of death. Yeap. Depressing

Then it was to the market for some good ol shopping. Ben Thanh market ... which is nothing compared to Bangkok

Road cam whoring. Must take pic on the street because their street sight is amazing!

Why? Because it is filled with bikes most of the time. Try counting the helmets

Night arrived, we had coffee again near Diamond Plaza. Em, I think the place is called Trung Nguyen ... do try their drip coffee!

Our last day, we checked into a hotel ... time for real sit back and relax

For lunch, we actually went and try their local fast food which wasn't that local (because it is originally from Korea) but we don;t have it in malaysia ... so its all good. Lotteria! Haha

Back to cam whoring. IN THE ELEVATOR even

In the early evening, the skies were dark ... a brewing storm is near. Heavy pour came

So the boys sit back and had tea ... like alice in wonderland

While I put on my rain coat and explored the city with my local viet friend, Hao on his BIKE!

The adorable Hao. Thank you for the tour around city under rain and on the bike. AWESOME EXPERIENCE!

Then we all went for dinner with Ray (msian friend) and another viet friend ... Hoang who had one of the most consistent sunshine smile ever recorded

Ray with the amount of food ordered

James and Mk

Wish I had his smile ... After dinner we went clubbing. No pics taken because the club didn't allow it but it was another experience. You can get a long island tea about RM10 and in the club, they serve fruits ... yeap, they gave us a fruit platter!

Last day, we left the city early in the morning

And after only a few hours of sleep ... we departed from the city ... still looking good... :P

I had such an awesome time. I really love south east asia. They never failed to impress me with the graphics and monuments. I am a sucker for cultural or historical stuff. Vietnam is truly a must see place. You really get the best of both worlds in this developing country. Wouldn't advise you to go if you think you can get by with just english ... get a tour guide

Yawn. Oh my ... time to go bed

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