Thursday, November 17, 2011

Small world afterall

It is a small small world

Have you wonder how small the world is sometimes? I recently discover that one of my friend is actually attached to another friend of mine for 9 years! Goodness lord, and what a friend I am for not noticing. That said, it is not entirely my fault because they are so discreet about their relationship.

Lately, KT has been close to me, sharing many thoughts and sacrifices he made. Being all ears, I was also very fearful because I do clearly remember that the last time I was in touched with a mutual friend, he ended his 10+ years relationship. I don't think I jinx them but sometimes it feels like I am a devil's advocate, not that I encourage any seperation but usually it ends up like that. So indirectly, I feel bad.

Beside, thats not the point. What I am trying to say is that ... it is a small world and how the world connect to each other sometime is scary. Looking back,

1. It is like how I met betbetna, my dad's same village friend's daughter in my first job and now we are like best friends.

2. One of my Bentong friends is actually the boyfriend to my ex-international finance manager

3. My friend has actually been working for 10 years in my family dentist clinic, without me knowing. One of his colleague, another dentist who treated me during my last visit is the fiancee of my MBA colleague!!!

4. My very good buddy Dave from Singapore is actually Mr Watch's long time friend.

5. Met with a great inspirational soulful friend accidentally again after so many years

6. Currently am chatting with a friend from Thai who happened to be best friend with one of my best friend's date! haha

Talk about coincidence! I am just thankful that I am not directly connected to anyone that may pose any conflict or so. Phew *wipe sweat* but better to be more aware since I have so much friends. Ok, I think I am boasting about my circle of friends already. Haha. Time to get back to work and hopefully I will have better luck networking in JB!


  1. you sure will have better luck networking in JB!!!

  2. If you think that's small, imagine the gay world. I swear it's two degrees of separation sometimes!

  3. If you think that's bad, imagine the gay world. I swear it's two degrees of separation sometimes!