Monday, January 17, 2011

Bragging a month later

I think I better quickly blog about this before it goes way to historical. Anyway, this is a post about the Xmas gifts I've gotten! Hehe ... Time to brag a bit

I have absolutely concrete reason why this post is so belated. It was only till yesterday that my babes and I manage to have dinner. As most of us are working in different background, we only manage to find time like 6 hours for our rambling and updates yesterday.

But I have to say that last Christmas celebration did feel a bit different. Like Yesterday, we were so dress up for Xmas but the ambiance was filled with Chinese New Year noises. Despite that, we had lots of fun. I mean, to think back ... it was really great to have invited for gatherings, exchange gifts and just spend quality time with great acquaintances.

From the boys! My all time favourite (ok - second favourite) DISNEY show ... and DARK CHOCOLATES !!!

From work colleagues - a new set of facial wash stuff

Leather diary from the partner in crime

Binge got a new pink dress ... from the babes

Ray Ban classic wear ... from a great friend

Lego headphones? From another great friend

Of course, with great acquaintances ... comes great gifts eh? A friend told me that Xmas is the second best time to show your appreciation and gratitude to a friend after Birthday. But I think the thoughts matter the most ...

To all my friends who had made the effort ... I love you all. You are the best!

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