Sunday, January 30, 2011

End Jan - Jimmy Er Ge Bday

January is ending. I believe year 2011 will hop by, fly by and soon disappear quickly. As we Chinese usher in the year of hare or rabbit, the tiger is finally going to hibernation for the next decade.

I had some of the most awesome moments in January. Success in sealing a deal with a new business venture, control and venting my frustration differently, learning new perspective and characteristic of people through their horoscope, discipline in recording my financial and forecasting expenditures, able to actually care and love someone unconditionally, getting up on my feet after being slammed down and most important, controlling the tears when I see great old friends last night.

All of those, crammed into the 31 days of the first 2011. Record I must say

Anyway, a gang of us celebrated 二哥 bday last night. Having the entire MP to ourselves and later chilling out with chilly white wine was awesome. Here are some of the random pictures. Probably 5% of what is in the actual folder

Birthday boy and me!

Hyeon Lee and me ... Miss you babes!

Sexy Candy and Me ...

Claire and Sara - Love you girls to the max!

Girlie, Marcus and Nick

As the night comes to an end. I miss all my friends, especially those from overseas. I wonder when will I see them again. But I bet HLee will be hugging me now, convincing me that it is worth getting the Air Asia ticket to fly to Jakarta and have babies with her!

Haha ...

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