Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The unforgetable 11111

Seeing happy people makes you happy they say. It is very true! Somehow, seeing the person you love happy makes you incredibly light and joyful. It was like watching the disney princess cartoon but except that it is live this time. Lilpixie has now become someone's princess. Everything was well planned from the sent-out invitation card, the beautiful girl with her heels (man I WAS SO JEALOUS OF HER SHOES MAN!) and even till the detail of bringing bread, milo and coffee for all her guest during the ROM

I tell you, this is one fairy you will never find in town.

Now, time for the tears. I remember about 2 1/2 years ago, she was a complete total stranger to me and asked me out for lunch at my first day of work when I changed my working shift. Then after a few days, through looking into my eyes - she knew I was in some kind of crossroads. Her sincerity of fetching me to FF at Axis was the first time I disclose to her not only on my orientation but also my dilemma aka hurt. I remember her sitting across me sharing the equal sadness and hardship I was going through and holding back her tears, when I said I really want to just be with K through thick and thin

Then, she spent the next few months helping me back on my feet at work and sometimes after work. Helped me lift my head when I was pissing drunk and definitely helped me when I try to commit suicide by throwing my head out of the window to vomit while the car is still moving. Helped me kill time with tea, food and lots of ramblings. Helped find new friends. Helped me manage my own weakness and disadvantages. Helped me realize that I am worth living for.

If she was a man, I would have definitely be her mate for life.

I gotten to know her so well, so deep and even on surface - we support each other through thick and thin. The only one thing she was always worried about is finding that companion to share her life with. Thus, when she was uncertain about dating again when meeting with Mr lilpixie back few years, I held all my effort to ensure she sees herself available and lucky Mr lilpixie! Down the emo girl, you get the whole new world!

Yesterday, seeing Mr lilpixie posing with her through her authentic comical posses for camera, and joining in the fun ... I was nearly wetting my eyes. She was so beautiful and so happy and so content... it feels so comforting to know that she found that special person that can share her sadness and wildness ... To also know that he will take care of her with protection and all, I was so freaking happy ...

And to add, I had beautiful pictures taken ... so DOUBLE HAPPINESS !

I will always remember what she said to me "You will find your special someone through your heart, and regardless of the years you spent together ... that special person will want to be with you because you are special, and" ... she starts a list of my strengths

So Taylor Swift rite?

If ever Mr lilpixie bully you ... tell me k ... I will help you "keluar head" in canton ~ :-) muax

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