Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Get to know me by lates

Suddenly just feel like doing something different. So, let's dig out some questions and answers in regards to the term "latest"

1. The last thing you added to your wardrobe?
A red pullover from Massimo Dutti

2. The last song playing on your itunes?
Whitney Houston's I have nothing

3. The last place you ate at?
Vivo @ Tropicana Mall

4. The last person on your mind?
Was just thinking about Ming, wondering what he is doing at this hour

5. The last realization or revelation that came upon to your head?
Life can beautiful if you embrace sadness and move on

6. Last movie you watched from cinema?
Hereafter staring Matt Damon

7. Last country you visited?

8. Last SMS received on phone
About invoice from Ethan Phooi

9. Last application used on Binge

10. The last time you bought something online
Just a few days ago. Now I owe someone money!

11. The last time you did charity work
Hmm ... does giving RM1 to the blind consider?

12. The last entertainment piece
was a DVD entitled Sleeping Beauty from Disney

13. The last thing I did online
Check my Fridae's messages

14. The latest you stayed awake this week
230 am

15. The lastest piece of note from your wallet went to?

16. The latest most meaningful line someone said to you
Not sure about you but the feeling is not bad

17. The last tv series you watched
Desperate Housewives season 6

18. The latest person you called
Eva Emmanya

19. The last person who called you
Martin Wai

20. The latest picture taken

21. The last place you went shopping?

22. The latest email you read was about and from?
Marcus confirmed trip to Malaysia

23. The latest regret you felt was about
Not spending any time to visit art gallery or watch stage play

24. The last time you cook
LOL ... Maggi Noodle considered? That was 2 weeks ago.

25. The last thing you wanna say before ending this silly game
I think it's time to email my friends about quiz. Anyone remember that game we use to play back in Uni? Haha

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