Monday, January 10, 2011

It's about you

The day is coming soon. I am finally attending my best friend's ROM tomorrow. It will early no doubt, but I am so eager to see her finally commit her life to this very special person she found. I am envious of her. The jealousy of seeing friends becoming an item with their respective partner somehow always put the thinking cap on me. Often I wonder, when will only it be my turn to share this kind of joy with my loved ones? To announce the beautiful knot, and having your close to heart friends share that love of your life?

Silly it may sounds, it is inevitable that majority of us want to be with someone, sharing the thick and thin, for better or for worse. In many occasion, sometimes that special person becomes a pain in the ass because they refuse to share the thin and for worse. They key word here is "sharing" and not gunnysacking only to burst at the end. So we shelter ourselves and hastily set burial on that love longing to find another that can, in hope be there for the worse.

Not wrong of course, but when will you know when the time and person is right? For me, it is when:

1. You cannot stop thinking about him day and night, having that lingering little sound that often echo "call him, tell him that you miss him" but never shy to play a little hard to get
2. You are eager to spend time with him, eager to plan activities and plans with him, but will not force him to if he is not interested
3. You tend to shop for him, but moderately because you know he will be angry if you overspend
4. You are jealous he is spending time with someone else, but you try to understand an allow it
5. You are dying to introduce him to your friends and best friends because you know they will love him, but if they don't you will still love him as much
6. You feel hurt and depress over him, but eager to solve that problem with him for the greater good
7. You want to cook for him, bath with him, put your head on his shoulder when he drive but he never minds and feels the same
8. You feel like having sex with him more than once, but never set rules or complain if he doesn't feel the same
9. You can let down your mask, guard and just be you - the naked you, and he does the same
10. You find 1001 ways to make him smile and laugh, but not constraint only to when he is sad

The list goes on and I realize that probably the best way is to live and love with moderation. Avoid pitfalls and shit spitting vipers the best. So lilpixie, I hope your Mr lilpixie fulfills the above and vice versa with you.

Lilpixie ... I wish you the best and with my blessings for your ROM tomorrow. BTW, remember you told me that you wanted to reserve that special seat for my special someone on your wedding day so that we both could share your happiness? I don't think I found anybody yet ... sorry to dissapoint you but I leave it to you to match make me! Haha

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